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Check In/Diagnostic *REQUIRED* for all In-Store Service.....$49.95

Software Installations

  • Single Software Installation$14.95

  • Suite Software Installation$19.95

  • Anti-Virus Software Installation$19.95

  • E-mail Account Setup (Outlook/Outlook Express)$29.95

  • E-mail Backup/Restore (Outlook/Outlook Express)$39.95

  • backup/restore e-mail messages, address book, and account settings

  • Operating Software Installation (Windows/Mac/Linux)$99.95

  • Includes format/partitioning of hard drive, OS install, System Drivers, and system critical updates.

  • Operating Software Installation ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) With Data Backup / Restore$149.95

  • Includes Data Backup & Restore, format/partitioning of hard drive, OS install, System Drivers, and system critical updates.

  • Data Backup/Restore$69.95

  • an image of a hard drive shall be made prior to a system reload. All data is placed in a folder on the desktop for the customer to review. If no arrangements are made within 10 business days Q Computers shall consider that all data was recovered and the image shall be destroyed.

  • Hard Drive Image Backup$69.95

  • an exact image of hard drive to another hard drive. Price does not include cost of additional hard drive.

  • Data backup to CD/DVD$99.95

  • $2.95 for each CD used. $2.95 for each DVD used.

  • System Tune Up$69.95

  • computer running slow? Let us fine tune your system to ensure that it is running at peak performance. Service includes windows modifications, bench testing/tuning, security updates, and system updates.

  • Data Recovery$99.95

  • have a hard drive that is going bad or deleted that important file and need it back?

  • Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware Removal$99.95

  • Recyle FeeĀ (per item)$25.00

  • Hardware Installations

  • Memory InstallFree

    Motherboard Install$34.95

    Hard Drive Install$24.95

    Optical Hard Drive Install$14.95

    Expansion Card Install$14.95

    Power Supply Install$19.95

    Solder Repair$79.95

    Printer Services

    Printer Clear$69.95

    Refurbish Laser Printer$99.95

    (parts not included)