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Meet Our Team

Rock Greiner's picture

John "Rock" Greiner is an individual with 30+ years of computer experience, is alumni of Rasmussen Business College, Mankato State University and South Central Technical Colleges. He has strong backgrounds in Computers and Networking, Computer Aided Drafting/Design/Manufacturing, as well as electronics and electronics engineering technology. This gives him strong ties to Q’s engineering and manufacturing customers.

Being a fan of learning things, he enjoys the rapid pace of computer and network technologies and hopes to be one of Mankato’s premier computer advocates. He also enjoys Q InfoTek and co-owner Wendy's vision of making Q InfoTek’s hot spot for High End Technologies.  He has been with Q InfoTek/Q Computers since 1998.

John’s credentials include Microsoft Certified Professional and Small Business Specializations.

Rock’s hobbies include cooking, both fresh and salt water aquariums, computer gaming, fishing, camping and is ever involved in projects with his wife Wendy.

Rock Greiner
Onsite Technical & Sales Representative / Area Manager

Wendy Greiner's picture

Wendy loves helping clients learn to use technology efficiently on their own, especially their own websites. She works together with each client to design the website or complete the training that works well for their business or themselves.

For the first 15 years of her career, Wendy worked in the music field as an educator and music director. Computers were only her hobby. Her first website, created in 1995, was for her own church. Starting that site began the journey into the world of web design and programming. In 2003, she began creating websites full time in her home. When Wendy began working for Q Computers in 2005, she brought her web clients with her. Today that business has grown to become the Q InfoTek Web Department. Wendy has developed more than 200 websites for clients all over the United States.

Wendy also enjoys teaching group technology classes as well as one-on-one individual classes for the computer-challenged.

Wendy Greiner
Web & Programming Department

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Steve finds himself at home behind a glowing monitor. Whether at home, at work or in the car, he surrounds himself with technology. Steve knows a variety of programing languages, most of them self-taught. Working with Wendy, he helps to bring the customer’s ideas to life. Usually you don’t see his work, but the result of it.

Quote: “If you don’t see my code then I did it correctly.”

His latest adventures in technology have lead him into 3-D TV, which he watches in whatever free time he has. Whether that be programming, playing video games, or browsing the internet looking for new ways to use technology.

Steve Berndt
Web & Programming Department