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Q InfoTek is a small, locally-owned computer repair and technology shop in Mankato, MN.

Our mission is to help small businesses and individual computer users make technology an asset for their business and/or themselves by helping them understand the truth about using available technology in the most efficient way possible for their business and/or for themselves.

John “Rock” & Wendy Greiner, the owners, have been involved in the technology industry for more than 25 years and have spent the last 18 and 11 years respectfully as employees of Que Computers Mankato. John joined Que in 1998 when they started carrying inventory, building computers and selling computer parts.  In 2005, Mark Broman purchased the business and began the process of changing Que Computers Mankato over to a service-based business. John remained on staff during the business transition. Wendy joined the Que Computers staff in 2005 shortly after Mark purchased the business. 

In May 2016 Mark Broman asked John and Wendy to begin servicing their existing customers as independent contractors and Q InfoTek came into being. John and Wendy agreed to Mark’s terms but also felt that they needed to retain the additional employees and the lease in order to keep the business running efficiently.  Mark agreed to give them the phone number and the existing business space. John & Wendy felt that staying in the same location but with a smaller, more efficient space and keeping the same phone number has helped Q InfoTek to retain many of their existing customers as well as gain new ones. John and Wendy also felt that a new remodeled professional look was what the business needed to become successful again and set out to accomplish that task.